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We are starting to see more and more walleye and sauger being caught suspended 3-4 feet off the bottom. If you are marking anything higher in the water column, it’s worth getting your bait in front of them.

The combination of a jigging rod and dead stick is one we always recommend. The jigging action helps draw in fish, especially with a rattle bait. And the dead stick tipped with a live minnow is a must. The fish are not hugging the bottom as tightly now, so keep your bait about 4-8 inches off the bottom for best results.

Green, Pink, Purple, and White have been top picks for most of our anglers. And smaller jigs and spoons seem to be the favorite this week. Use 1/8 ounce jig tipped with a minnow head.

Ice conditions are still looking great…we’re sitting on about 30 inches of ice. We constantly monitor the ice conditions for changes as we near the end of season.

Tip of the Week
Glow!! Even on these sunny days, it’s still very dark down deep so be sure to “charge” or shine a light on your jig once in a while. Glow baits simply produce more bites.