We’re still in about 30 feet of water and putting good numbers in the buckets. We’re also picking up some fat perch. Switching to insect-imitation plastics are a good way to put fish in the bucket. And a dead stick with fat head minnow is always a must have in the fish house. The fish seem to be biting a little more aggressively. Anything with orange in it seems to be a hot color right now.

We’re keeping a close eye on ice conditions. With the cold snap this week there have been a couple cracks on the Bomber trails that healed on their own. The crew does a great job at monitoring the ice activity as the safety of our guests is our highest priority.

Tip of the Week
Try using insect larvae imitation plastics on your jig. These are a great way to “match the hatch” and set more hooks on walleye and perch.


Photos from this week
Check out some great pix from our guests: