As March is just around the corner, the ice conditions are looking good. With the forecast showing cold temps in the next week, we’re expecting the ice will remain in great shape. And we constantly monitor the conditions to make sure our customers have a safe and fun trip.

The depth range that’s been doing very well for us has been between 23-27 ft. Some houses are doing good in 30ft as well. Green, Pink, and Red/Gold are the hot colors to start the morning with for jigging. Using a minnow head on your jig is best. For the dead stick, a red hook with a live fat head has been the ultimate go getter for all species.

And if you’ve been watching our Facebook page, you know we’re pulling some giant pike through the holes. As the days get longer, the big pike are on the move and charging through the fishing grounds. And the best is yet to come!

Tip of the Week
If the day is appearing to be a soft bite, take a step back from lures that rattle or make noise. Usually, the dead stick will outperform on these days but keep some action still moving down there to keep the fish interested in coming to your area.

Check out this week’s catch…and we had to share a few food pixs too!