The temperatures have dropped but the bite is on fire at Sportsmans Lodge. If you have been thinking about fishing Lake of the Woods, NOW would be a great time to get up here. We’re getting a lot of fish and multi-species too.

The dead stick and jigging tactics have been working about the same depending on the house. The catch varies from house to house, but overall our guys and gals are putting fish in the buckets!  If the fish are not aggressive, you might want to downsize to a smaller lure. The fish have been more eager to come back and take a smaller lure.  But if you find a color that is working, stick with it. Plain hooks have been on the top once again…specially for the dead stick. A buck shot in green or orange has been working really well for multi species action!

There have been a few cracks in the ice due to the fluctuating temps, but our guests are safe and we continually monitor the ice conditions.

We’re getting fantastic numbers on walleye and sauger with some jumbo perch are bring caught as well. Check out some recent pix…