Spring at Sportsman’s

For anglers who enjoy fishing for walleyes, sturgeon, and northern pike, spring at Lake of the Woods is the place to be

Spring is a very special time of the year at Lake of the Woods.

Spring fishing on the Rainy River is a tradition for many that brings about excellent fishing. For anglers who enjoy spring fishing for walleyes, northern pike, and sturgeon, Lake of the Woods is the perfect place for spring fishing.

Walleye season continues from the winter season up until April 14 on Lake of the Woods. From mid-April to mid-May when walleye season opens again, this is the perfect time for anglers to try their luck with Minnesota’s largest fish – the mysteriously prehistoric lake sturgeon and the frisky fighting northern pike. Lake of the Woods is proud to be one of the top ten lakes in Minnesota offering the best catch opportunity for you to catch a trophy sized sturgeon or pike in the whole state.

There are plenty of other area activities for you to enjoy during your stay

We’re known for our spectacular fishing, but that’s not all there is to do while you’re here.







Spring fishing at Lake of the Woods is a tradition.

Want to get away from it all? Head to Sportsman’s this spring and immerse yourself in the kind of wilderness most people only read about. During your stay, unwind and enjoy the relaxing beauty of mother nature while you enjoy some of the best fishing anywhere.