The bite is a little softer this week due to changing weather systems. Dead sticking has proven to be the best this week using a plain hooks with a fathead minnow. Jigging raps (chartreuse, green, & blue) have also been working well. Light jigging with a finesse presentation seems to providing the best action. Be sure to use a dead stick, and switch up the depths so you have some baits closer to the bottom. Keep them no higher than a foot off the bottom. Unless of course your marking fish that are suspended higher on your electronics.

With the colder temperatures now we are back to making ice. We are sitting at about 18 inches. Ice houses are sitting about 2 miles out, so it’s still a short ride to get on the fish.

Fish of the Week
Xander’s Sturgeon this week was a highlight. All the guides were so excited on the radio to hear his story. We got to Xander’s ice house to congratulate him as soon as we could!

Snowmobile Trails
Trails are marked and grooming is in progress. For more information about the trails and the latest on the land trails, check out Lake of the Wood’s Drifters and the Northwest Angle Edge Riders Facebook pages. (w/links to clubs)

Friendly Reminder to Keep it Clean
We all love this incredible resource and to continue to make it a great place to enjoy we need to keep it clean. Let’s all work together and Keep it Clean by not leaving any garbage on the lake or disposing of any down the ice holes. Thank you for your shared cooperation.

Photos from this week (click to enlarge):